Featured Primary Antibodies



HIF1 alpha antibody (#GRP65)


A well-cited HIF1α rabbit polyclonal antibody with superior sensitivity and specificity for a broad range of applications and species. This antibody has been thoroughly validated thorough shRNA knockdown, CoCl2 and hypoxia induction and overexpression. Certainly one of the best HIF1α antibodies in the market.







PD-L1 antibody (#GRP35)

An excellent PD-L1 antibody that can be used in WB, ICC/IF  and IHC-Fr. This antibody has undergone stingent validation including knockdown, inteferon-gamma induction and cross reactivity testing








PARP antibody [N2C1] Internal (#GRP54)

An outstanding PARP antibody that has been validated and characeterized by knockout/knockdown, correlation to other antibodies, IP/MS analysis, orthogonal validation and protein overexpression.