Der Blaue Jonas - stain your protein gel in 10 minutes


  • Fast - stain your gel in just 10 minutes
  • Convenient - no destaining required
  • Economical - re-use up to three times
  • Affordable - cheaper than any other stain on the market
Der Blaue Jonas - the ultrafast protein dye


Just Like Other Dyes - but much faster & simpler

Der Blaue Jonas is a single-step protein gel dye which doesn’t require pre- or post-treatment of the gel.

Just run your protein gel, add the stain, and watch your bands appear in minutes - no destaining required!

Der Blaue Jonas doesn't contain no chemicals or acids, so it’s much safer than other dyes and can even be disposed of in the sink after staining!

Der Blaue Jonas is a water-based product, which means that it causes no observable shrinkage or wrinkling of the gel.

Unlike methanol-based stains, proteins isolated from Der Blaue Jonas treated gels are 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis.


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Catalog number Item Size
GRP1 Der Blaue Jonas ultrafast protein stain 1 liter (up to 150 gels)




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Proven sensitivity - detects down to 100 ng protein

Decreasing amounts of BSA were run on a 10% SDS-PAGE gel and stained with Der Blaue Jonas for 10 minutes. The arrow denotes the 100 ng BSA lane.
Der Blaue Jonas detects 100 ng BSA after 10 minutes of staining



Detection Limit Down to 10 ng of protein
Hands-on time 10 minutes
Toxicity Non-toxic (water-based)
Suitable for Gel Drying Yes
Suitable for Mass Spectrometry


Reuseable 2-3 times
Storage 1 year at 4°C