Mounting Medium (non-fading)

Catalog Number: GRP1081

Product Overview
Product Name Mounting Medium (non-fading)
Catalog Number GRP1081
Product Properties
Note For research use only.
Application Notes
Application Notes This product has been formulated by Manufacturer and functions as an optimized diluent for FITC conjugates in fluorescence microscopy applications. The product contains Evans Blue adjusted to a final concentration for optimum counterstaining of tissue cells (dull red) under FA illumination. Additive is also present to suppress non-specific binding of FITC conjugates to glass, artifacts and cell debris. This product should be employed for making final dilutions of FITC conjugate prior to use in FA procedures. It may also be applied directly to fixed specimens prior to conjugate or primary antibody application to likewise suppress non-specific binding. The product is supplied in a convenient to use 3 ml dropper vial. CAUTION: this product contains sodium azide.
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