Fluorescence Microscopy Aid Counter-Stain/Blocking Diluent

Catalog Number: GRP1082

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Product Name Fluorescence Microscopy Aid Counter-Stain/Blocking Diluent
Catalog Number GRP1082
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Note For research use only.
Application Notes
Application Notes This glycerol-based mounting medium is formulated by manufacturer to maintain the optimum conditions necessary for obtaining the maximum fluorescence emission from Fluorescein. In addition, a novel non-fading formula has been employed to maintain the maximized fluorescence emission over time. The result is a product which helps prevent 'photo-bleaching' and at the same time increase the storage life of stained specimens. The product is supplied in a convenient to use 3 ml dropper vial. Use on wet or dry mounts with a coverslip exactly as for other mounting media. CAUTION: this product contains sodium azide.
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